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    Located within The Soda Plant @ Kilburn and Pine Streets in Burlington, Vermont

    Watch for our Space Man mural!

    The SPACE Gallery
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    Burlington, VT
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Gallery Membership

2023 Artist Membership at The Space Gallery!

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery is thrilled to host a membership program for artists of all ages working in any medium! As we turn 14 this year, we are humbled by the amount of creative talent that has entered our gallery doors, thank you for your support!

Membership is a flat $45 and it includes a whole host of benefits; discounts on group exhibition fees, exclusive dibs to show with us at the South End Art Hop, inclusion in the annual May Members Show, advice or art critiques by appointment during gallery hours, promotion on our website and in social media as applicable, and invites to various creative opportunities!

Space Gallery 2023 Member Registration!

Email spacegalleryvt@gmail.com with questions, thank you and see you soon!

Current S.P.A.C.E. Gallery Members:

Names/Images Link to More Info – Enjoy!

A. Gary Reid

Pensive Owl, photography

‘Pensive Owl’, photography by A. Gary Reid

Adam Forguites


‘Rivers of Suggestion’, oil by Adam Forguites

Alan Chandler

'Madame Rochelle', assemblage by Alan Chandler

‘Madame Rochelle’, assemblage by Alan Chandler

Alan Shulman

Shulman.Jazz Men

‘Jazz Men’, acrylic on canvas by Alan Shulman

Alexander Costantino


‘Archipelago’, acrylic on canvas by Alexander Costantino

Amey Radcliffe

‘Re-Remington’, mixed media by Amey Radcliffe

Andrew Prendimano

The Demonic Persecution of Saint Anthony The Great

‘The Demonic Persecution of St. Anthony the Great’, markers, dyes, colored pencils by Andre Prendimano

Anna May Sisk

Endless Summer Nights

‘Endless Summer Nights’, acrylic on canvas by Anna May Sisk

Ashley Farren

Alive Weaving 2
‘Isle of Skye inspired Woven Wall Hangings’ with Harris Tweed and hand embroidered details painted with handmade natural paints and crystal beading in driftwood and copper frames by Ashley Farren

Bill Lutz

Sluggo Cola Print
‘Sluggo Cola’, print designed by Bill Lutz

Candace Slack

Candace Slack, Fruit Bowl, acrylic

‘Fruit Bowl’, acrylic by Candace Slack

Cap Man

Artist Truck

‘Artist Truck’ by cap man

Caroline Siegfried

Birch, acrylic on canvas

‘Birch’, acrylic on canvas by Caroline Sigfried

Ceili Seipke

Hunty Love

‘Hunty Love’, acrylic by Ceili Seipke

Christy Mitchell

Phone Home assemblage, collage by Christy Mitchell

‘Home Phone’ assemblage, collage by Christy Mitchell

Colleen Murphy

Illumination 3

‘Illumination 3’, mixed media by Colleen Murphy

Corey Armpriester

hand cut collage - photography by CoreyArmpriester Mars Never Called

‘Mars Never Called’, photo collage by Corey Armpreister

Dana Jennings Jelter

DanaJelter_Sister Roberta

‘Sister Roberta’, photography and clay sculpture by Dana Jelter

Dana Talmo


‘Gooey Guys’, acrylic on canvas by Dana Talmo

David Ricketts


‘Metamorphosis’, mixed media on paper by David Ricketts

Deana Allgaier

Deana Allgaier, Peace on the Horizon, watercolor

‘Peace on the Horizon’, watercolor by Deana Allgaier

Dick Brunelle

Good Vibrations, Dick Brunelle
‘Good Vibrations’, mixed media by Dick Brunelle

Dominika Smolinski


‘The Tiger’, digital illustration by Dominika Smolinski

Donna Ciobanu

DCiobanu_Water_2020_reverse glass painting
‘Water’, reverse glass painting by Donna Ciobanu

Dorsey Hogg

Look At Me! by Dorsey Hogg

‘Look At Me!’, discarded books, assemblage by Dorsey Hogg

Eric Eickmann


‘NAVIA’, oil on panel by Eric Eickmann

Erica Victoria

Erik Nelson


‘Undine’, acrylic on canvas

Erin Bundock


‘Cycle Ten’, mixed media on cotton by Erin Bundock

Gabe Bellavance


Greg Rothwell


‘Rothwell’ album by Greg Rothwell

Heather Stearns

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.41.08 PM
‘Labyrinth’, collage on cabinet door by Heather Stearns

Heather Wilson


Bombshell Belle Mascot, pen and ink by Heather Wilson

Jake Blend

2022-05-26 16-30-21 i250; mountains made of flowers

‘Mountains Made of Flowers’, digital, VQgan by Jake Blend

Jason Clarke

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 11.53.27 AM
‘Tree Hunter’, brush & ink with digital collage by Jason Clarke

Jason Gorcoff


‘The Architect’, oil painting by Jason Gorcoff

Jean Cherouny


‘Horizon Advantage’, mixed media by Jean Cherouny

Jean Kelly


‘Untiled’, oil on canvas by Jean Kelly

Jennifer Reardon-Brown

Blue Lady Arts, acrylic by Jennifer Reardon

Jess Rodrigues


‘The Brightest Star’, archival and acrylic ink by Jess Rodrigues

Jessica Avery


‘Deconstruction in Blue’, mixed media by Jessica Avery

John Rowe

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 11.55.38 AM
‘Financial Freedom’, mixed media by John Rowe

Karen Dawson 

Paint, pencil, stained glass, wood, photography

Kate Thomas

Mom Now, watercolor, ink on watercolor paper

Mom Now, watercolor, ink on watercolor paper by Kate Thomas

Katherine Coons


‘Untitled’ oil on canvas by Katherine Coons

Kathleen Shulman

‘Hello, How are you?’, paper and found object by Kathleen Shulman

Kayla Sheltry


‘Homebody’, embroidery, collage on felt and cotton by Kayla Shelry

Kelsie Wimble

Untitled, mixed media

‘Untitled’, mixed media by Kelsie Wimble

Keith Mailhotte


‘Wall E vacation’, mixed media by Keith Mailhotte

Ken Zogas

‘Dressed to the Nines’, photography by Ken Zogas



‘Envy’, acrylic on canvas by KRAM

Kristen Dexter

‘Tick-tick The Sea is Rising’, collage by Kristen Dexter

Lauren Giannullo

Lauren Giannullo, Messiah & Madonna, linocut print

‘Messiah & Madonna’, linocut print by Lauren Giannullo

Linda Blackerby

Aqua Serenity 3
‘Aqua Serenity’, mixed media on cradled wood using acrylics, collage and charcoal by Linda Blackerby

Linda Dulleba

Primitive - 3

‘Primitive 3’, mixed media on canvas by Linda Dulleba

Longina Smolinski

'Brave Little Cloud'

‘Brave Little Cloud’, mixed media by Longina Smolinski

Mae Stokes

'We All Arrive Riverside', raw pigment and walnut oil on canvas by Mae Stokes

‘We All Arrive Riverside’, raw pigment and walnut oil on canvas by Mae Stokes

Marcia Blanco


‘Donkey’, graphite pencil on paper by Marcia Blanco

Marian Willmott

still life self portrait_web

‘Mirror, Mirror’, oil by Marian Willmott

Matt Larson

Matt Larson, Mystery and Manifestations, acrylic

‘Mystery and Manifestations’, acrylic by Matt Larson

Melissa Peabody

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.55.12 PM
‘Duality’, acrylic on canvas by Melissa Peabody

Melissa Sauer

She's my cherry fried doughnut

‘She’s My Cherry Fried Doughnut’, acrylic on canvas by Melissa Sauer

Mg Shapiro

cat 1

‘untitled (bandages–00)’, bandages with rolled ends on glass by mg shapiro

Mikayla Messier


‘What Happens When the Lights go out?’, acrylic on masonite, epoxy resin, LED lights by Mikayla Messier

N Waskow

N Wasko_ Primary Colors BLUE jpg
‘Primary Colors Blue’, digital photography by N Waskow

Nikki Laxar

Migrating, collage by Nikki Laxar

‘Migrating’, collage by Nikki Laxar

Robert Fahey

Sky is on Fire
‘Sky is on Fire’, photography by Robert Fahey

Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr

Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr, Uphill Climb, acrylic

‘Uphill Climb’, acrylic by Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr

Ronan Futura

Entrance - Ronan Furtua

‘Entrance’, Technorama 612 PC ii with Ilford Pan F + 50 by Ronan Furtua

Ryan Quinlan

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.36.25 PM
‘Woman in a cloud’, pencil drawing, digital painting by Ryan Quinlan

Sara Gratz


‘Wall Mounted Animals, Textile Art’, mixed media by Sara Gratz

Sarah Rosedahl

Chicken Second Line

‘Chicken Second Line’, acrylic ink by Sarah Rosedahl

Savannah Tebeau-Sherry


‘I need curtains (and serotonin) Part 4’, acrylic on canvas by Savanah Tebeau-Sherry

Sharon Webster

MY STITCHED SPINE, laminated xray, colored cords and threads

‘My Stitched Spine’, laminated xray, colored cords, threads by Sharon Webster

Sheri Mulligan-Jones

‘Untitled’, cold wax by Sheri Mulligan-Jones

Stephen Sharon

Stephen Sharon, Untitled, acrylic on canvas

‘Untitled’, acrylic on canvas by Stephen Sharon

Susi Ryan

‘Spring Robin’, wool fiber, needle felted, nest by Susi Ryan

Teresa Celemin

TeresaCelemin_Cosmic Interlude _33-001

‘Cosmic Interlude 33-001’, oil on canvas by Teresa Celemin

Thea Heck

‘Crowded Faces’, cosmetics, photography, vector graphics by Thea Heck

Toni Clark

Holding the Light

‘Holding the Light’, acrylic on birch panel by Toni Clark

Tonya Whitney


‘Blue button’, colored pencil by Tonya Whitney

Trey Hancock

"Good afternoon" oil on paper

‘Good afternoon’, oil on paper by Trey Hancock

Zac Whidby

‘Get Rich Slowly’, collage by Zach Whidby, aka woodwoork

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