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    The Soda Plant Exhibition on View Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm through exterior doors. More info or for appointments send inquiries to spacegalleryvt@gmail.com.
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    Located within The Soda Plant @ Kilburn and Pine Streets in Burlington, Vermont

    Watch for our Space Man mural!

    The SPACE Gallery
    266 Pine Street
    Burlington, VT
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Gallery Membership

2021 Artist Membership at The Space Gallery!

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery is thrilled to host a membership program for artists of all ages working in any medium! As we turn 12 this fall, we are humbled by the amount of creative talent that has entered our gallery doors, thank you for your support!

Membership is a flat $45 and it includes a whole host of benefits; discounts on group exhibition fees such as the South End Art Hop, inclusion in the May Members Show, advice or art critiques by appointment during gallery hours, promotion on our website and in social media as applicable, and invites to various creative opportunities! Click on the link below to learn more and join or renew in time to gain first dibs on pre-registration for Art Hop!

Space Gallery 2021 – 2022 General Membership Registration!

Email spacegalleryvt@gmail.com with questions, thank you and see you soon!

Current S.P.A.C.E. Gallery Members:

Names/Images Link to More Info – Enjoy!

Adam Forguites

Adam Forguites better than the childhood they suffered, oil on wood

‘better than the childhood they suffered’, oil on wood by Adam Forguites

Alaiya Aguilar

Aguilar_The Tree of Wisdom

‘The Tree of Wisdom’, mixed media by Alaiya Aguilar

Alan Chandler

Alan Chandler, RUG#18

‘Rug #18’, color pencil by Alan Chandler

Alexander Costantino


‘Archipelago’, acrylic on canvas by Alexander Costantino

Aleyna Feinburg

Aleyna Feinburg, Untitled N Ave, mixed media

‘Untitled (N. Ave)’, pastel, paint marker, gel pen on paper by Aleyna Feinburg

Amanda Brunell

Amanda Brunell, Count your blessings, colored pencil on black paper

‘Count Your Blessings’, colored pencil on black paper by Amanda Brunell

Andrew Prendimano

Andrew Prendimano, BEST. APACOLYPSE. EVER, sharpies, prismacolor markers and pencils, Dr. Martin's dyes

‘BEST. APACOLYPSE. EVER.’, sharpies, prismacolor markers and pencils, Dr. Martin’s dyes by Andrew Prendimano

Anne Gregson

Little Big Dog by the Ditch, Solar Plate Etching

‘Little Big Dog by the Ditch’, Solar Plate Etching by Anne Gregson

Ashley Roark

Type W

‘Type W’, collage by Ashley Roark

Brendan Bush

I Know Where The Path Leads, Fuck, Acrylic on canvas

‘I Know Where The Path Leads, Fuck’, acrylic on canvas by Brendan Bush

Candace Slack

Candace Slack, Fruit Bowl, acrylic

‘Fruit Bowl’, acrylic by Candace Slack

Cat Horn

'Insight & Wisdom', acrylic on canvas by Cat Horn

‘Insight & Wisdom’, acrylic on canvas by Cat Horn

Cat McQ

Photography by Cat McQ

Photography by Cat McQ

Ceili Seipke


‘Let’s Dance’, encaustic, photography by Ceili Seipke

Christine Henninger

'Passage', manipulated digital photography by Christine Henninger

‘Passage’, manipulated digital photography by Christine Henninger

Christy Mitchell

Phone Home assemblage, collage by Christy Mitchell

‘Home Phone’ assemblage, collage by Christy Mitchell

Colossal Sanders, David Holub

David Holub, Warmup Cookies, digital montage

‘Warmup Cookies’, digital montage by Colossal Sanders

Cow Face

Cow Face, Freudian Tip, oil on canvas

‘Freudian Tip’, oil on canvas by Cow Face

Dakin Fuller

Dakin Fuller, Fear of Nonbeing, acrylic on canvas

‘Fear of Nonbeing’, acrylic on canvas by Dakin Fuller

Dan Siegel

Colorscape Mugs, porcelain with colored glaze

‘Colorscape Mugs’, porcelain with colored glaze

Deana Allgaier

Deana Allgaier, Peace on the Horizon, watercolor

‘Peace on the Horizon’, watercolor by Deana Allgaier

Dominika Smolinski

Cecropia Moth-01

‘Cecropia Moth’, digital illustration by Dominika Smolinski

Dorsey Hogg

Look At Me! by Dorsey Hogg

‘Look At Me!’, discarded books, assemblage by Dorsey Hogg

Elisabeth Mazzilli

Elisabeth Mazzilli, Camel's Hump, Fiber Arts

‘Camel’s Hump’, Fiber Arts by Elisabeth Mazzilli

Elizabeth Pieroni-Schulte

Radiant Release

‘Radiant Release’, painting by Elizabeth Pieroni-Schulte

Franky DeAngelis

Franky DeAngelis COWBOY ROMANTIC Acrylic & Ink

‘Cowboy Romantic’, acrylic and ink by Franky DeAngelis

Giancarlo Filippi

Chaos, acrylic on panel

Chaos, acrylic on plywood by Giancarlo Filippi

Ida Ludlow

'Capone', acrylic on paper by Ida Ludlow

‘Capone’, acrylic on paper by Ida Ludlow

Jake Blend & Blend Amusements

Jake Blend, Gate, photograph

‘Gate’, photograph by Jake Blend

Jake Rifken


‘Trump/Putin’, collage by Jake Rifken

Janet Bonneau

Janet Bonneau, January Storm, oil

‘January Storm’, oil by Janet Bonneau

Jean Cherouny


‘Ally Cat’, acrylic on canvas by Jean Cherouny

Jen Berger

Jen Berger, A Whale in the City, mixed media

‘A Whale in the City’, mixed media by Jen Berger

JRN Artemis Biche

Contemplation Bay Gouache, watercolor, acrylic, glue & gold foil on paper.

‘Contemplation Bay’, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, gold foil on paper by JRN Artemis Biche

Julie A. Davis

Provincetown Bay, oil by Julie A. Davis

‘Provincetown Bay’, oil by Julie A. Davis

Katie Gorson

Katie Gorson, Interstice Surge, electronic sculpture

‘Interstice/ Surge’, electronic sculpture by Katie Gorson

Keith Mailhotte

Keith Mailhotte, Planet Gathering, mixed medium

‘Planet Gathering’, mixed medium by Keith Mailhotte

Kelly Hickey

Fiber artwork by Kelly Hickey

Fiber artwork by Kelly Hickey

Kimbery Madura

'This Spring', photography

‘This Spring’, photography by Kimberly Madura

Lauren Giannullo

Lauren Giannullo, Messiah & Madonna, linocut print

‘Messiah & Madonna’, linocut print by Lauren Giannullo

Leonard Duffy

Primary Barn

‘Primary Barn’, acrylic by Leonard Duffy

Leslie Roth

Leslie Roth, Borrower, mixed fiber

‘Borrower’, mixed fiber by Leslie Roth

Linda Dulleba

Linda Dulleba, Lavender Fields Forever, mixed media

‘Lavender Fields Forever’, mixed media by Linda Dulleba

Linsey Brunner

Linsey Brunner, Fritz, color comics and chicken wire

‘Fritz’, color comics and chicken wire sculpture by Linsey Brunner

Longina Smolinski

Painting by Longina Smolinski

Marian Willmott

Early Spring

‘Early Spring’, oil by Marian

Martha Hull

Fake It 'til You Make It, Acrylic paints on canvas,

‘Fake It ’til You Make It’, acrylic on canvas by Martha Hull

Mary Jo Krolewski

Matt Larson

Matt Larson, Mystery and Manifestations, acrylic

‘Mystery and Manifestations’, acrylic by Matt Larson

Merrill Goldstein

simple entropy, mixed media

‘Simple Entropy’, mixed media by Merrill Goldstein

Mikayla Messier

Mikayla Messier, Dream Voyage, Acrylic on Canvas

‘Dream Voyage’, acrylic on canvas by Mikayla Messier

Monica Andrews

Monica Andrews

‘Studio MDA Self Portrait’, digital illustration by Monica Andrews

Nancy Tomczak

“Cawing Crow “ ink and watercolor

‘Cawing Crow’, ink and watercolor by Nancy Tomczak

Nick Thabit

Nick Thabit, Hathor, oil on canvas

‘Hathor’, oil on canvas by Nick Thabit

Nikki Laxar

Migrating, collage by Nikki Laxar

‘Migrating’, collage by Nikki Laxar

Noam Hessler

Noam Hessler, Triptych with Processional Part One, Pen and Ink

‘Triptych with Processional Part One’, pen and ink by Noam Hessler

Richard Hill

Richard Hill, Soul Full Eyes, acrylic

‘Soul Full Eyes’, acrylic by Richard Hill

Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr

Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr, Uphill Climb, acrylic

‘Uphill Climb’, acrylic by Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr

Samantha Castonguay

Stardust, Acrylic

‘Stardust’, acrylic by Samantha Castonguay

Sara Gratz

Sara Gratz, Holstein, fabric, clay, paint

‘Holstein’, fabric, clay, paint by Sara Gratz

Sarah Rosedahl

Kind - White Sign

‘Kind’, illustration by Sarah Rosedahl

Sharon Webster

MY STITCHED SPINE, laminated xray, colored cords and threads

‘My Stitched Spine’, laminated xray, colored cords, threads by Sharon Webster

Shelley Walker

Shelley Walker Do You LIke Walt Whitman

‘Do You Like Walt Whitman?’ acrylic, mixed media by Shelley Walker

 Stanton Sears

Stanton Sears, Second Champlain, wood, aluminum, pigment

‘Second Champlain’, wood, aluminum, pigment by Stanton Sears

Stephen Sharon

Stephen Sharon, Untitled, acrylic on canvas

‘Untitled’, acrylic on canvas by Stephen Sharon

Steven Leyton Nelson


Untitled, ink on paper by Steven Leyton Nelson

Tonya Whitney

Clean Your Plate by Tonya Whitney

‘Clean Your Plate’, colored pencil and marker on Strathmore paper by Tonya Whitney

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