May 2016 Exhibition at The SPACE Gallery

‘Digital Immigrant’
by Kristen M. Watson

Exhibition Duration; May 6 – 28, 2016

Opening Reception; First Friday Art Walk, May 6 from 5 – 9pm
Artist Talk at 6:30pm

A multi-sensory mixed media art installation that explores the transition from analog to digital life and how social and digital media have altered the way we experience and relate to one another and ourselves.

Notice Me:Ignore Me - Kristen Watson

Kristen M. Watson explores her own transition (immigration) from analog to digital life through interactive, multi-sensory mixed media assemblage, large-scale digital prints, and installation pieces that create a “digital-real” environment. By manipulating electronic material and exploiting methods that exist solely due to digital technology she addresses themes of presence and distraction, paralysis of choice, decontextualization of information, temporality and permanence, and the physical & emotional addiction to social validation. Watson creates a visually compelling comment on the influence of digital technology on human relationships and the self.

Eat your media flatware II_©2016kristenmwatson_300dpi

‘Eat Your Media Flatware’ by Kristen M. Watson

This exhibition is featured Vermont Arts Council Vermont Arts 2016 event!

VT Arts

Featured in The Backspace Gallery: 
‘News From NowHere’
by Jeff Bruno

Exhibition Duration; May 6 – 28, 2016

Opening Reception; First Friday Art Walk, May 6 from 5 – 9pm

In ‘News From NowHere’, Bruno moves away from his more meticulous oil paintings and ballpoint pen drawings, seeking only immediacy in execution. The work is nearly instantaneous, leaving no room for editing, minimizing the distance between conception and expression. Experimenting with different media from cardboard to paint markers, charcoal to papier mache, each piece is designed to be disposable, temporary, unarchivable. Through sketches and sculptural scribbles, the artist explores the reasons behind his compulsion to create, and why that desire is all too often dimmed by his obsessive need for perfection, his fear of self expression and the nagging distraction of “sellability” that has blunted his previous work.